How To Use Solar Panels With A Prewired Furrion Solar Port

How To Use Solar Panels With A RV/Trailer/Fifth Wheel Prewired With A Furrion Solar Port

Solar panels have become popular among campers that do a lot of dry camping, also known as boondocking. RV and trailer manufacturers noticed this a couple of years ago and have started putting prewired ports on new models. Large brands like Grand Design and Forest River are two manufacturers that have done it.

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These ports make it easy not only to recharge your RV house batteries when you’re outdoors camping but also when your trailer is in storage and you want to trickle charge the batteries.

I have been to a couple of RV dealerships that have tried to sell me solar panels that are compatible with these Furrion ports, but the fact is that you can connect any compatible third-party solar panel.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to use a solar panel with the Furrion solar port, I recommend the Acopower 100W solar panel (click to view on Amazon, paired with the Acopower Furrion adapter. I also recommend using an Acopower extension cable. That’s all you need, and most people don’t need more than 100W to charge their RV batteries.

Today I’ll show you how to use the Furrion solar port, and share my solar panel recommendations.

The Adapter You’ll Need To Connect Third-Party Solar Panels To Furrion Solar Ports

The Furrion solar port is a rare two pin port, not found on most solar panels. You can probably imagine why they would do this (hint: they make proprietary solar panels that use this port).

Most solar panels nowadays come with MC4 connectors, so what we need is an adapter that will turn these MC4 connectors into the 2 pin connector used by Furrion.

The Lixin MC4 to 2 Pin does exactly that.

Lixin MC4 to 2 Pin

LIXIN 10AWG 2 Pin Power Industrial Circular Connector,for Furrion,Solar Panel Suitcase,Forrest River RV Ports

Check Price at Amazon

Note that the female MC4 connector is the positive (red) wire, and the male connector is negative (black). This is compatible with most third-party panels from companies like Renogy, HQST, Newpowa, etc. It’s important that you buy the right adapter for your solar panel.

If you have a solar panel that has a positive female MC4 connector, and a negative male MC4 connector, the adapter you’ll need is the CNLEIFU MC4 to 2 Pin adapter.

What Makes A Solar Panel Compatible With The Furrion Solar Port

The Furrion ports I have seen (yours might be newer and different) has a 10A limit. I believe the reason for this 10A limit is because of a fuse used on the positive wire going to your battery.

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Another thing you must know is that the Furrion prewiring is basically just an electrical wire going to your batteries with a fuse on it, nothing more. So unless you’re connecting a trickle charger, you should use a solar panel with a solar charge controller to prevent overcharging.

The Furrion solar port on your trailer will be the same no matter if you have a Grand Design or a Forest River RV.

Solar Panel Recommendations Compatible With The Furrion Solar Port

Now, let’s take a look at a couple of good solar panel options that come with a built-in solar charge controller. Paired with the Lixin MC4 to 2 Pin, you’ll be able to plug these panels into the Furrion port.

The links below take you to the product page on

HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Off Grid Monocrystalline Portable Folding Solar Panel – Two 50W panels wired in parallel to create a portable folding 100W solar panel with a kickstand. It comes with a protective case that makes it easy to transport safely. Efficient monocrystalline panels, and a 10A PWM charge controller. MC4 connectors that can be connected to the included alligator clips or connected to a Furrion port with a Lixin MC4 to 2 Pin.

Renogy 100W Portable Foldable Monocrystalline Solar Panel – I have two of these, one with and one without a solar charge controller. I use them with my power station, but it’s also a great choice to charge RV batteries with. The adjustable kickstand makes it easy to angle the panels towards the sun, and the included protective case keeps it protected during travel. The solar charge controller tells you amperage, battery voltage, and charging status. Paired with the Lixin MC4 to 2 Pin it will work with your Furrion port.

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Acopower 100W Portable Solar Kit – The Acopower 100W solar panel is one that sticks out due to the solar charge bypass. This allows you to charge both a power station and a 12V battery at the same time. To use this with a Furrion solar port, you would need the Acopower Furrion Adapter. Paired with a power station like the Jackery Explorer 500 that lets you use regular 120V electronics like TV, computers, and CPAPs, you would be able to use the Acopower solar panel to recharge both your 12V trailer batteries and the portable lithium battery.

Zamp 140W Portable Charger Kit – You can also use the Zamp solar panels, and Zamp solar makes an adapter for this, which is the Zamp Furrion solar port adapter. The 140W Zamp solar panel comes with a 10A waterproof solar charge controller.

Renogy 12V 100W Monocrystalline Bundle Kit Solar Panel – You could also buy a solar panel kit like this that comes with a charge controller. You would connect the MC4 wires to the charge controller (female to positive, male to negative), then connect the positive male MC4 connector from the panel to the female MC4 connector you set up in the charge controller, and the negative female from the solar panel to the negative male from the charge controller. The charge controller clearly shows where the solar panel wires go vs the output wires to the battery.

Then you’d need some Renogy MC4 Extension Cables to make the connection between the charge controller and the Lixin MC4 to 2 Pin. Just make sure you connect the MC4 male to the positive on the charge controller (by the battery icon).

Extension Cables

Most solar panels have relatively short cables, so you won’t be able to put the solar panel very far away from the port. Therefore, I recommend using MC4 extension cables between the solar panel and the adapter. I use and recommend Windynation MC4 Extension cables. You can choose from many different lengths, and I have taped mine together with electrical tape to make them easier to deal with.

What Is The Maximum Input Wattage When Using The Furrion Solar Port?

10A at 12V is 120 watts, a 100W panel doesn’t generate 10A, but I still wouldn’t recommend exceeding 120W. If you want to connect more than 120W, you should locate the fuse and replace it with a larger one.

What Can A 100W Solar Panel Run?

A 100W solar panel connected to your batteries will charge the batteries so you can use 12V appliances in your camper, like your water pump, furnace fan, 12V TV, and lights. It will not power outlets or run your microwave, air conditioner, or 120V TV.

To power your outlets with your 12V batteries, you need an inverter that changes 12V DC power to 120V AC power. An example of an inverter like this is the KRIËGER 1100 Watt 12V Power Inverter. This is wired to your battery, then you can either plug your electronics into it or plug your camper into it.

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Since it’s a little bit harder to install an inverter than plugging in a cable, a popular solution nowadays is to buy a solar generator. A solar generator usually contains a 12V lithium battery, a solar charge controller, and an inverter that powers regular 120V AC outlets.

I use a Goal Zero Yeti 1000 that has 1045 watt-hours and a 1500W inverter, so I plug my travel trailer into it with a Camco 15A to 30A. This allows me to use the outlets and run everything in my camper except for the air conditioner.

I charge the Yeti with 400W of solar panels. When I plug the Yeti into my camper, it charges my 12V trailer batteries as well, so I never need to connect my solar panels to the trailer batteries.

How Long Will It Take To Recharge My RV Batteries?

This question is hard to answer in one sentence without knowing the battery capacity and solar panel size, therefore I wrote a post that goes through this, click here to view it.

Can I Use Goal Zero Solar Panels?

Goal Zero solar panels don’t have charge controller built-in, there is a way to use these panels though, and I have written a post about this specific topic that you can find by clicking here.

Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment down below.

19 thoughts on “How To Use Solar Panels With A Prewired Furrion Solar Port”

  1. Jesse
    I have a Arctic Wolf with the furrion 10A port what is my best option for a solar panel set up the trailer does have an inverter on so I want to just charge my batteries looking at the acopower and the HQST 100W and I’m going to add a second battery

  2. How far can I run wires from batteries to inverter before I start to reduce port and How big a solar panel, like a 200 watt foldable can I use with this outlet?

    • Hello Edward,

      Usually, the manufacturer specifies in the manual or elsewhere the maximum distance and gauge recommendations. It depends on the size of the inverter and its max amperage. You can use a voltage drop calculator to calculate the voltage drop of a specific Gauge wire, amperage, and distance. I recommend staying under a 3% voltage drop.

      With the Furrion solar port, the ones I know of have a 10A maximum amperage. Anything about 10A will trip the fuse. You could put in a bigger fuse to use a 200W panel, but the current prewiring and fuse can handle up to a 120W panel at most. A 120W panel won’t output exactly 10A, but I still recommend staying within the theoretical rated amperage.


  3. I’ve got two 6 volt batteries any recommendations I have the furion port already built into to camper now what do I need and how big of solar panel?

  4. I’m purchasing a 2021 Wolf Pup and am adding a 200 watt Renogy solar panel with a controller It already has a 50 watt panel as original equipment. I’d like to wire it through the Furrion 10 amp port. I know I’ll need an MC4 to 2 pin adaptor. The specs on the solar panel indicate that the optimum operating current is 10.5 amps with short-circuit current at 11.7 amps. I’ll be using 10 ga wire to connect. Can I safely connect this panel through the Furrion port? If I need to go to a higher rated fuse should I do 15 amp and would it be safe. I’m not sure what gauge wire Furrion installs in the Wolf Pup for this port.

    • Hello Michael,

      No, you’re going to have to put in a bigger fuse. Either a 15A or 20A. I have tested 200W of solar with a 10A fuse and it blew almost immediately. I believe the wiring is 14 gauge although I am not 100% sure, but you should be fine as long as you put in a higher rated fuse.


  5. My wife and I are looking at purchasing a 2020 Forest River Wildwood 22RBS. You can get a Green Package that comes with the 10a Furrion Solar Charge Pre-Wiring and Outlet. Ultimately, my wife and I want to be able to run everything (except the A/C) off of Solar Power if we so choose. But we are novices when it comes to Solar Power. We were originally looking at the Venture Sonic X that came loaded already with 4 100watt panels, a 250 Amp Hour Litihium Ion Battery, and an IC2000W Inverter w/100 Amp Charger. What exactly would we need to purchase and install in order to run everything except the A/C? Or to get the setup similar to the Venture Sonic X. Thanks in advance for the help!

    • Hello Shane, sorry for the late reply.

      Wow, that Venture Sonic X setup sounds nice. Are you planning on full-timing? Otherwise, that setup might be a bit overkill.

      There are so many different ways to go, so it depends on what kind of setup you want.

      The Furrion solar port is nice to have because it is an easy way to keep your trailer batteries charged, but the batteries will only power your lights, fans, and water pump. You could do a big install similar to the Venture Sonix X with a kit like the Go Power Solar Elite kit which includes many of the things the Sonix X has except the lithium battery.

      You can build a more affordable setup if you pick your own parts, and I suggest watching Will Prowse’s video about a simple DIY 400W solar setup here.

      For a very simple setup that won’t require any installation, you could get a Renogy 100W solar panel and a 2P adapter to connect to the Furrion solar port. Then an Ecoflow Delta power station that you could plug your trailer into with a 15A to 30A adapter. You could then get a second Renogy panel to recharge the Delta with. The Delta comes with an adapter that lets you connect the Renogy panel via the MC4 connectors.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg, so let me know if you have any specific questions.

    • Hello Mike,

      To charge the Jackery, connect the MC4 to 8mm adapter to the MC4 connectors coming out of the panel before it reaches the solar charge controller.

      Looks like a flooded lead-acid battery, so you need to choose flooded/wet on the charge controller.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      • thanks jesse. Would you reccomend I use the Jackery 500 to power my RV (which I assume will also recharge the battery at the same time? In otherwords I’d only use the panels with the Jackery and charge/power everything off that? Would I be better of with the Jackery 1000 then since I’d have additional devices like the water pump pulling power off the Jackery?


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