Marbero Power Stations – Connect Third Party Solar Panels/Recommendations

How To Connect Solar Panels To Marbero Power Stations

This article is going to be a quick guide on how to use solar panels to recharge a Marbero portable power station.

I am going to go through the different type of inputs found on the Marbero batteries, along with the input ratings for each model.

Related Product: I recommend this 60W solar panel (click to view on Amazon) that is compatible with every Marbero power station

From there, we’re going to take a look at a couple of solar panels that are compatible with the different power stations.

As always, we need to make sure that the solar panel doesn’t have a built-in charge controller since the power stations already has one.

We also need to make sure that the voltage output by the solar panel is compatible with the solar charge controller in the specific battery.

Last but not least, we need to find the correct connector and/or adapter to make the connection.

Marbero Power Stations – The Different Models And Their Inputs

Here are the different Marbero models, the input port they use, and the solar charge controller ratings. The links lead to the product page for the specific model on where you can see the current price.

I have done my best to research the information below, please let me know if you find an error or something incorrect.

To understand how many watts each power station can input using a solar panel, we can do some math.

For example, if a 12V solar panel outputs 18V under load and the amperage input limit is 1.5A, that would equal 27W because 18*1.5=27.

Most Marbero power stations have a relatively low input limit, which means it does take a while to recharge them with solar panels. The best thing you can do is to make sure the panel is able to max out the input, because then it will charge as fast as possible.

Always angle the solar panel so it faces the sun directly, this is especially important during the morning and late afternoon when the sun usually is low on the horizon.

Solar Panel Recommendations

With the information above we can find compatible solar panels easily. We can also find adapters that let us connect solar panels that don’t include the correct connector for the input on the power station.

Marbero recommends using their panels, which come in several different sizes. The links lead to the product page for the specific model on where you can see the current price.

  • Marbero 30W Solar Panel – This includes several connectors that make it compatible with power station with every Marbero power station. It also has USB ports so you can connect your devices directly to the panel.
  • Marbero 60W Solar Panel – Compatible with every model.
  • Marbero 100W Solar Panel – Compatible with every model.
  • Marbero 200W Solar Panel – Compatible with every model, but not recommended for most because the output is a lot higher than the input limit.

You can also use third party panels, but then you’re going to need to make sure it either comes with the correct connector for your specific power station model, or buy an adapter that can connect the two.

Here are some portable panels that include connectors that make them compatible with some of the Marbero power stations, without the need for additional adapters.

If you want a rigid solar panel, you’re likely going to get a panel with MC4 connectors. To connect that to the 3.5×1.35mm, 6.5×3.0mm, and 5.5×2.1mm inputs, this adapter is going to be required (click to view on Amazon).

PAEKQ 6-in-1 Solar Panel Adapter Connectors Solar Splitter Cable with Anderson Connector DC 8mm 55221mm 7909mm 6530mm 35135mm Adapter XT60 Connector for Solar Portable Power Station

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The adapter is made for solar panels with a positive MC4 male connector and a negative MC4 female connector. Most solar panels with MC4 connectors are wired that way.

Here are a couple of rigid solar panels that can be connected to every model except the M60 with the help of the adapter above. The links lead to the product page for the specific model on where you can see the current price.

Extension Cables

With the Renogy panels that come with MC4 connectors, you can use MC4 extension cables.

I personally like the Geosiry MC4 extension cables (click to view on Amazon). They’re available in different lengths depending on your setup. Note that the longer the cable, the more power loss you’ll get, so if you’re going to purchase a long cable you should also get a larger solar panel than neccessary.


That’s it for this quick guide, feel free to leave a comment if you have a question or some experience with the Marbero power stations.

As I said earlier, the information is based on what I have been able to find online. If something needs to be corrected, I appreciate you letting me know with a comment, thanks!

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