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The Solar Addict Blog

Hello there, I am Jesse the Solar Addict.

Ever since I was young I have been fascinated by renewable energy sources. I mean, how could you not be? It sounds amazing to be able to continue living our lives the way we know it without leaving the earth worse than we found it.

One way to do this is to produce electricity without polluting the earth further. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet. Solar panels have issues with toxic waste and recycling problems, and so does wind and water.

So what is the best way to produce power right now? Well, nuclear plants are great at producing electricity without leaving much toxic waste, but there aren’t nuclear plants in every little corner of the world, and the material used in nuclear plants is non-renewable. This makes solar power one of the cheapest, most accessible ways for people to get into renewable energy.

Do you use solar panels?

I travel fulltime with my wife in our travel trailer, and we spend most of the time boondocking, which is when you’re off the grid completely without hookups. We still charge our laptops, watch TV, use our toaster, microwave, basically all our electronics, and this is possible due to our solar panels.

We have a 12V lithium battery that can hold 100Ah, which is enough power to last us a day or two, more if we needed. As soon as the sun rises, it starts recharging this battery and we can either use it while it’s charging, or let it fully charge and use it in the evening. I am going to make a post about our solar setup where I will go into further details.

I decided to create this blog to help share the knowledge I have gathered over the years. I am hopeful that others will find the blog and help me share their knowledge along the way. Feel free to leave a comment with either a question or your thoughts, I appreciate any improvements you can help me make, to make it a better, more accurate page.

For now, thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Dig your site, especially the Goal Zero stuff. Sadly, I have a LOT of their stuff. One of the items is their Tank Expansion. Since I have a camping van with both a starter & house deep cycle battery, I’ve been trying to find or figure out good ways to use the Tank in lieu of the house battery in the event my house battery dies. Maybe one day you’ll find that a good thing to look into. In the meantime, I continue to review some of the videos I’ve found where folks figured out how to run their van DC circuits using the Goal Zero 3000.


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