Solar Panels Compatible With Sungzu Portable Power Stations

Charge Your Sungzu Power Station With Solar Panels

Today I would like to help you figure out what solar panels compatible with the Sungzu power stations.

Sungzu is a somewhat unknown company that makes power stations, also known as solar generators. It sells a couple of different models for all kinds of uses.

Sungzu’s power stations are great for things like camping or any other outdoor activity, home emergency backups, and UPS needs.

Its lineup consists of the No products found., No products found., No products found., and the largest No products found..

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Not all solar panels are compatible with each of the Sungzu batteries, so today I am going to help you figure out what panels are compatible with what power station, and what you need to know and think about when considering what panel to buy.

Before we look at solar panels, let’s take a look at what each of the Sungzu solar generators can handle in terms of inputs, voltages, and amperages.

Sungzu Power Stations Ports And Limitations

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Note: Scroll left/right on small screens to view all products in the table.

Compatible Solar Panels

Since there are several differences between the different power stations, let’s go through each one separately.

Solar panels compatible with Sungzu 200W/300W

The 200W and 300W power stations have the more common 5.5×2.1mm DC input. This means that it’s compatible with a lot of portable solar panels on the market that comes with several different DC outputs.

Sungzu makes a 65W solar panel (click to view on Amazon) that is compatible with both the 200W and 300W models because it has two DC outputs, one being a 19V/3A output. Note that the 100W model is not compatible since it’s a 32V panel.

Sungzu 65W Solar Panel Charger Foldable with 4 Output Port Waterproof Solar Portable Panel Suaoki/Jackery/Webetop/Paxcess Portable Power Station Generator

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Here are a couple of other solar panels that are compatible directly out of the box with the use of the 5.5×2.1mm adapters: Paxcess 50W, Enkeeo 50W, Jackery SolarSaga 60W, and Rockpals 100W.

To use third-party solar panels with the Sungzu 200W and 300W, you’re going to need this adapter (click to view on Amazon).

AIMTOM 6.6Ft Heavy Duty Waterproof Solar Male/Female Connector to DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm Solar Panel Adapter Cable for Charging SPS-155 SPS-194 Power Stations, Solar Generators or Rechargeable Battery Pack

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With the use of the adapter above, you can connect panels like these: Renogy 100W / HQST 100W / Newpowa 100W / Eco-Worthy 100W / No products found..

When choosing a third-party panel, you want to make sure its VOC rating is within the limits of the Sungzu power stations that I listed in the table above. You also need to make sure it has a positive MC4 male connector, and a negative MC4 female connector, otherwise the polarity will be wrong and can cause damage to the charge controller.

Solar panels compatible with Sungzu 500W

The Sungzu has a 4P DIN input, which makes it harder to find compatible solar panels.

One that is compatible is the Sungzu 65W solar panel (click to view on Amazon) which comes with a 4P DIN (aviation) adapter. Note that the 100W model is not compatible since it’s a 24V panel that outputs 32V.

Solar panels compatible with Sungzu 1000W

The Sungzu 1000W has the same 4P DIN (aviation) DC input, but it uses a 24V solar charge controller and requires solar panels that can output between 32-45V VOC.

One compatible panel is the Sungzu 100W. This panel is only compatible with the 1000W model and none of the smaller ones.

Foldable 100W Solar Panel, Waterproof Portable Power Solar Panel Charger with1 DC Outputs 32V/2.7A for SUNGZU 1000W Portable Solar Generator only

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How Can I Improve The Charging Efficiency When Using Solar Panels?

The easiest thing you can do is make sure that the panels are facing the sun. This means that you might have to angle them during the morning and evening, or the wintertime when the sun is low on the horizon.

Another thing is to make sure there is no shade on the panel(s). Some panels can handle shade better than others, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and make sure the sun can reach every cell on the panel.

Can I Extend The Wires From The Solar Panel?

If the panel has MC4 connectors, you can use these MC4 extension cables by WindyNation (click to view on Amazon) to extend the connection.

How Long Will It Take To Charge The Sunzu Battery With Solar Panels?

It depends on which power station you have and what solar panel you’ve paired it with.

The 300W has a 350Wh battery, the 500W has a 550Wh battery, and the 1000W has a 1010Wh battery.

Wh stands for watt-hours and is the battery capacity when counting in watts. For example, a 50W device uses 50 watt-hours per hour.

If you use a 100W solar panel, this is an estimate of how long it would take to recharge each of them.

300W – 5 hours

500W – 8 hours

1000W – 15 hours

Add another 100W panel to the 500W, and you’d be fully charged in four hours. I recommend using more panels in most situations to improve the charging speed significantly.

Do I Need A Solar Charge Controller?

Solar generators usually have built-in charge controllers, so it’s safe to plug solar panels into them without using a charge controller. Sungzu’s power stations have built-in charge controllers.

Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

15 thoughts on “Solar Panels Compatible With Sungzu Portable Power Stations”

  1. Hi Jesse,
    Thanks for providing these information! It seems there are a number of converter cables no longer available from Amazon. So I may have to stick with Sungzu’s solar panels if I decided to get a Sungzu power station.
    In such case, which of the following setups would you recommend?
    1) Sungzu 1000w station + Sungzu 100w panel (x2) ~= $1300
    2) Jackery 1000w station + Dokio 300w panel ~= $1300?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Johnny,

      Ok, I might have to update the post. Thanks for letting me know.

      Hmm, for the most straightforward setup, I would say the Sungzu 1000 setup. The parallel connector on the Sungzu 100W panels make it easy to connect two together, then the included aviation adapter plugs into the Sungzu 1000W. With the Jackery setup, you would need additional adapters to make it work since it has a built-in charge controller and the Dokio panels include a charge controller as well.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


      • Thank you, Jesse!

        Per your suggestion, I went with the Sungzu setup. Now I have another question. 😉

        If I want to use the Sungzu 100W solar panel to charge other devices in addition to the Sungzu 1000W station, which Charge Controller should I get?

        I presume one that can take the DC (5.5mmx1.5mm) input?

        Thanks again,

  2. I have two newpowa 100w panels on top of my van and the Sungzu 1000w in the van. I am still unsure what connectors I need. I already purchased a 20 ft 12v cord. I have searched all over the internet and cannot find a mc4 to 4p din adaptor anywhere. Can you help me out.?

    • Hey James,

      Yeah, I have looked around as well and couldn’t find it for sale anywhere. I suggest contacting Sungzu, maybe they can sell one to you directly. If they can’t, I would try to make one myself by finding a 4P connector and adding MC4 connectors to it.


    • Hello Andy,

      Hmm, I think you’d either need two or four panels. You can’t connect three panels in series due to the 32-45V limit (18*3=54V) and you can’t connect a single panel on its own since it requires at least 32V.

      You’d take two of the Newpowa 100W solar panels and connect them in series by taking the positive MC4 connector on the first panel and connect it to the negative MC4 connector on the second panel. Then you’ll connect the positive and negative MC4 connectors that are left to the MC4 Y Branch on the sides that have two connector (one to each adapter).

      Then do the same with the second pair.

      Lastly, you’ll connect the MC4 Y branch to the Sungzu MC4 to 4P adapter that you’ll connect to the Sungzu 1000.


        • Hi,
          Ok, I can’t say with 100% certainty but it does look like it has the same 4din DC input, and the SD130 is supposed to include a 5.5 to 4din adapter.

          The information on the power station listing isn’t enough to tell me whether the voltage is compatible or not. I see that it says “Tension / courant d’entrée: 32 V / 8,0 A (MAX)”, if the max input voltage is 32V the SD130 won’t work since it outputs 40V. But the SD100 has a 32V+ rating, so if that works the SD130 will likely work as well.

          You might be able to find more information about the input limitations in the manual.

          • Hey!
            I checked on the certificate and the imput is welll between 32 and 45V as you said, yes!
            I just bought the sd130 🙂
            Thanks again for your advices!
            What do you think about the way to connect my two solar chargers (100w and 130w), is there a best way to connect it on the station or it does not matter?

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