Can You Connect Any Solar Panel To A Portable Power Station?

How You Can Use Any Solar Panel With Your Power Station/Solar Generator

Portable power stations, also known as solar generators, can be recharged with solar panels. But it can be tricky with some brands to figure out what solar panels are compatible, and what adapters, watts, and connectors to buy.

To answer the title, no you can’t connect any solar panel to any portable power station since all brands don’t use the same connectors and charge controllers with the same limitations.

A solar panel compatible with one power station might damage another power station.

To help you through the solar panel jungle, I have started writing posts about every power station brand out there and how you can connect solar panels to them.

In these posts, I answer the most frequently asked questions, recommend compatible solar panels, and list the limitations of the specific power stations from a certain brand.

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I haven’t done every single brand out there yet because there are a lot, so if yours is missing down below, please let me know and I will get to it!

Find the name of the brand you use and click on it to get to the specific post.

My Power Station/Solar Generator Brand Isn’t On The List

Please leave a comment and let me know what brand and model you have and I will help you out.

Can I Choose A Solar Panel With Any Watt?

It depends on the brand, but most of the time the max voltage is what matters more than the wattage. The power station might still have a max wattage input though, and limit how fast it can charge.

What Is Inside Of A Power Station?

I recommend reading my post called “What is a solar generator?“.

Do Any Portable Power Stations Come With Solar Panels?

In this post, I have a list of power stations that do include solar panels.

Can I Connect More Than One Solar Panel To A Solar Generator?

It depends on the brand. It’s common that it’s ok to connect more than one panel as long as you do a parallel connection, which means that the positive wires are combined, separate from the negative wires.

This will double the amperage, but not the voltage, which is what makes it safe with a lot of power stations.

Connecting positive wires to negative wires is called a series connection.

Always consult with the manufacturer before you connect several panels.

Please leave a comment down below with any questions.

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  1. I have a Tzumi Vault with DC in. It looks like a small circular connector, with a end in the hole on the device. How and what can I connect?

    • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys. I have the same unit and asked the same question of Tzumi’s technical support. Just got this response:

      Unfortunately the power station is not solar panel compatible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

      Thank you

      Christina Ortiz

      Technical Support

      Huge bummer. I got a good deal on my Vault but I still wouldn’t have bought it if I had done enough research to find out that it is not solar compatible.

  2. I have an AWANFI Portable Power Station 140277mAh -It’s Solar charging port is Input voltage DC16V-25V –

    I have panels for my other generators –

    12V/100W Monocrystalline Silicon High efficiency Solar Panel with MC4 connectors.

    Newpowa 100W Watt 12V Mono Solar Panel

    Will either one work with the Awanfi? If not, any suggestions on what ones?
    Many thanks !

    • Yes, based on the specifications I could find about your panels, both should work with your power station. You can use the included Mc4 to Anderson adapter to connect one of them. The max amperage is 5A, so I don’t suggest trying to connect both at the same time since one 100W 12V panel outputs around 5 to 6A.

    • I cant tell whether it’s a 5.5×2.5m or 5.5×2.1mm input. A panel like the Chafon 40W should work since it comes with both connectors. I couldn’t find any max input voltage of your power station either though.

  3. So good to find someone who knows what they’re talking about. I bought a Buture 300 watt power station off of Amazon and thought it came with a solar panel – it doesn’t. Help!

  4. Thank you for this! Mine is a Go Pro Plus. I need to know what solar panel to use for it. I actually am about to order 2 of them and would like to be able to charge them both at the same time, but money is tight so if I have to I can just do one at a time. Also do I need a certain connector to connect the solar to the go pro? When it comes to all this I am clueless!!
    Thank you again!

    • Hi Rose,

      I can’t find much information about the Go Pro Plus, so I am not sure what input size it uses. It looks like a 5.5×2.1mm but it’s hard to tell by just looking at pictures.
      I would test it with a Topsolar 60W (click to view on Amazon), since it comes with several different connectors. I can’t promise anything, but that would be your best bet.

  5. What panel can I use for a BULLBAT Portable Power Station 500W, 505Wh Solar Powered Generator with MPPT, Lithium Battery Powered Outlet with 110V 500W AC/60W PD/QC3.0 USB-A/12V DC?

  6. What do I need to connect a solar panel to a Energizer Portable Power Station 300W/320Wh ? Thinking of a 100 w, like Harbor Freight or Renogy or Amazon’s choice, Newpowa. The Energizer will arrive this week, and I hope to get a panel asap for a tiny cabin in the woods. Recommendations? Thanks.

    • Hi,
      Looks like the Energizer 300W/320Wh comes with an MC4 to DC cable, which makes it compatible with a panel from Renogy or Newpowa right out of the box. I believe the Harbor Freight panels use SAE connectors, which means that you would need additional adapters. Haven’t had any issues with either my Renogy and Newpowa panels.

      Just make sure the panel you get has an open circuit voltage below 23.5V.

  7. Hi we have a Yoobao EN300WLPD with DC input 12V-24V/1A-5A (60W Max) indicated. You said that charging it at any watts depends but it’s not clear to me whether I can go over or under 60W. Can we charge it with a 35W 12V solar panel? Thank you.

  8. Hi, I bought a Portable Power Station R350
    It says it takes 12-25v. and 65W max

    Can you help with recommending a solar blanket panel?
    It has a MC4 connecting cable

    Thank you regards

  9. Hi Jesse

    I want to buy a solar panel or blanket for my Portable Power Station R350. This is what it is called.

    It says Input
    Charging Port DC5.5x 2.1mm, 12V-25V 65W max

    Does the 65 max input mean I need to buy a 60W solar blanket with 12V? Thank you Joanne

    • Hi Joanne,

      No, it means that the charge controller in the R350 can charge at up to 65W with solar panels. It’s safe to use a 100W panel though, like the iClever I linked to in the first reply.

      If you’re considering a different panel, you need to make sure it has a VOC (open circuit voltage) between 12-25V. Most 12V 100W panels will generate around 80W at 18V, but it’s still safe to use with your power station.

  10. Hi,
    I see that I am a year late with my question, but have just gotten a Bibene 500w model CN505. The solar panels I have do not charge it.

    On the “input” port, the volts are listed as 12-24.
    Thanks for your help,

  11. Hello!

    I have an Anker PowerStation 400 which I usually plug in a power socket for a recharge.

    I live in Athens Greece which as you might be aware has lots of sunny days all year round. Could you please let me know which portable or semi-portable (thr latter for home use) could be compatible with my power Station?

    I was recently secluded at home for 4nights/5 days without electricity or heating (natural gas heating system that needs some electricity to function) after a heavy snow storm and I experienced the most freezing days of my life and I had to ration my battery consumption on my mobile phone and tablet). The days that followed the storm were quite sunny but we still had more than 60cm of snow on 10cm of ice on the small roads around my home…

    I do not wish to invest 200-300 $ and later find out that I cannot use it at all under few hours sunny hours!

    I will greatly appreciate hearing from you.

    Thank you and best regards

  12. Hi Jesse. I just purchased a Portable Power Supply 88500 mAh, 3.7V.Manual says solar panel input charge DV 13V-24V/2.3A Max.Its only a small unit (167x100x213mm)and I’m not sure which solar panel is compatible. Wondering if you could help.Thanks.

  13. Hi,
    I sure hope you can help this old granny. I bought a Ideation Go Power Plus power station. Ordered the HQST solar panel 50 watt 12 volt off Amazon. Can you advise a kit that would supply everything I would need to connect the two?
    Thanks in advance for your help,

  14. Hi ive got a I cant work out how to find a solar panel with the right Amps. Heres what it says:
    DC Output:
    2x12V/8A+1x24V/3A constant voltage
    Power Indicator:
    LCD screen
    Manufacturer Part Number:
    Featured Refinements:
    Portable Generator
    114000mAh (422Wh 3.7V)
    Wireless Charge:
    AC Voltage:
    Output Frequency:
    AC Output:
    Rated 350W (700W Max) sine wave
    12V-25V 65W max (Charging Port: DC 5.5 x 2.1mm)
    Recharge Method:
    Solar panel(not included)&wall socket&12V car vehicle

    So the solar Panel needed should be Solar Panel Input:
    15V~21V/3.42A Max&30w-120w I found a 120W 12v solar panel on ebay for $69 but its amps are 6.66 which is too high. How do i find the right solar panel for this power station that wont damage it??? 3.52A MAX is pretty low, where would i find a solar panel that doesnt cost an arm and a leg. My friend who is an electrical engineer said there is something wrong with the math on this 15V~21V/3.42A Max&30w-120w . He said like you take 15V x 3.52A should equal 220W which is too much for this power station.. any info please to help me find a solar panel to charge this power station.

      • Please bear with me, as I have brain-fry from researching. I just bought a Powerness 515 Watt power station and one 120 volt Twelseavan solar panel. Are they compatible with each other?
        Supply is running low, so I took the leap and bought something.

        I have no idea what I’m doing, so if what I got isn’t compatible, maybe you can tell me what panel to get that will work.
        I think I got a good power station and plan to keep it. I was trying to get a 1000 watt in that brand, but couldn’t find one.
        Also, will this little biddy one run a full size refrigerator for a few hours at a time, to keep stuff cooled off?

        The fridge is 60 hrtz and 115 volts, I think. (Stuck my head inside to see specks) Let me know if you need more info.

        Thank you so much for your help, this young 68 year old lady needs help.

        • Hi Debby,

          Based on the specifications, the 120W Twelseavan is compatible with the Powerness 515W.

          I assume you have tested the different adapters the panel came with? I see that the power station comes with an MC4 to DC adapter, and the solar panel has a DC to MC4 adapter. The MC4 has one connector on one end and two on the other (one male and one female). Connecting these two should work.

          If that doesn’t work, the polarity might be wrong. But please test the MC4 cables first and let me know how it goes.

          A full size residential refrigerator will most likely require more than the 500W the power station can output.

          Something like the EcoFlow Delta Mini (click to view on Amazon) can power a residential fridge, but still not for very long.

    • Hi John,
      The 120W panel you mention is fine, as long as it has a VOC rating below 21V. It’s fine to exceed the amperage, but not the voltage limit.

      You’ll simply maximize the input, which you want to do anyway as long as you don’t exceed it too much. Since it states that it can handle up to 120W, you’re not going to hurt the power station. The charge controller in the power station will regulate the amperage.

      If the panel you’re looking at has MC4 connectors, you’re going to need an MC4 to 5.5×2.1mm adapter.

  15. Hi. I have an Awanfi 505w solar generator and a Zamp 140 watt portable solar kit. My Zamp chagres my RV just fine. But when I connect the Awanfi solar generator, it shows no battery connected. I had purchased an adaptor so I could connect these 2 together. The Awanfi states that, “Faster Solar Recharging with MPPT Controller”. Is it possible to charge this Awanfi with my Zamp?

    • Hi,
      How are you connecting the solar panel to the power station? If it’s the Zamp panel with a built-in charge controller, you’re going to have to bypass it, since the power station already has a charge controller.

      It is possible to bypass and charge the Awanfi with it, but not without cutting some wires which voids the warranty on the panel. So the easier way to go is to get a second panel for the Awanfi battery. I recommend the Renogy 100W w/ built-in kickstand without charge controller.

      It has MC4 connectors, and will connect to the MC4 to Anderson adapter included with your power station.

      There are other similar panels, like the Nekteck 100W.

      I can also tell you how to bypass the controller, so let me know if that’s something you would be willing to do.

  16. I have a DBPower 500. It is very nice, high quality and less than a Jackery 500. ONE ISSUE I found is solar panel charging. With the AC power brick chargers at 118 Watts. On 200 watts of solar (reasonable expect 120-140 watts peak sun) . The unit only accepts 75 watts one or two panels. The specs say it takes 150Watts up to 30 volts. OK. The solution to my problem (yet to be tested) is a DC-DC booster (buck converter) to get the 18.5 volts with panels load up to 24 volts. The power brick chargers at 24 volts. I suspect the battery charger/controller is sensitive to voltage.

    • Yes, it’s possible that the voltage isn’t high enough but 18V is usually enough. There might be an amperage input limit, but I couldn’t find that info in the manual.

  17. I have a wagan Solar e Power case 800. And it does not include the 60 watt foldable panel for the price i paid. Instead i purchased a rich solar 150 watt monocrystalline solar panel . So i read in the instruction manual for the wagan gen. And it has a max 10 amp charge controller and said do not connect more than a 90 watt solar panel because will damage the charge controller.My question would be, Is there any possible way to use the 150 watt panel

    • Hi Amos, a 150W 12V panel will generate around 8 amps, so you would be below the 10A max of the solar charge controller. Not sure why the manual would say 90W, since that’s less than 6A.

      I’d just connect the panel and see if it works, but of course that would void the warranty if it doesn’t. Therefore I suggest contacting the company and ask why they mention two different numbers as the max.

  18. I have a 300W YOSE power station and a Dokio 100W solar panel,can I connect a charger from the Solar panel to the power station to charge it?

  19. My friend, greetings from Greece! Thanks for the topic, you are a savior as I have no knowledge on electricity. I have a xmund solar generator of 300 watts, 296wh,solar panel charging:DC 18v-22v/3A. I’m put recharging:DC 19volt/3A.DC output:DC 12-16.5Volt/10A. Output voltage:220volt/50hertzpeak output power:500 watts.these are the specifications of the solar generator. The solar panel that I have comes with these specifications, maximum power (Pmax 250wp – 0/+5 wp)
    Voltage at Pmax:51.2 volt
    Current at Pmax:4.88A
    Short circuit current:5.38A
    Open circuit voltage :61.20 volt
    Max system voltage :1000volt. I already have mc4 cable connector and I am afraid to. Connect them in case of destroying the generator. Some help would be really great. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,
      Unfortunately that panel is not compatible with your power station. You need a 12V solar panel that has an open circuit voltage within the 18-22V range.

  20. Hello from Puerto Rico! Hope you are well and thank you for this information.

    My grandmother has this unit:
    A 1200 watt portable power supply. It has an input for charging through a solar panel but I’m not sure what kind of solar panel is necessary and how to plug it into the PPS.

    Any information would be very much appreciated as the power outages here are frequent. Thank you!

  21. Hello….I am trying to ascertain whether I can connect a portable solar panel with a built in MPPT controller (Zamp) to a Bluetti Solar Generator which I know also has a MPPT controller. I know there are some adaptors that are also required but the biggest question is can I use a solar panel that already has the MPPT controller with these solar generators that also have MPPTs? Thanks

    • Hi,
      No, you can’t. You’re going to have to bypass the charge controller before connecting the panel to your power station, or buy another panel if you can’t bypass it.

    • Hi,
      Looks like the Oupes panel comes with an 8mm connector. You can either get an 8mm to Anderson adapter or get a different panel with Anderson connectors.

  22. Hi, I have just bought a hama “Fabric 10” Power Pack 10000 mAh. serial No 00187257. I would like to get a Solar panel for camping that is compatible. I am unfortunately not very technically minded and require assistance with my choice. I wouldn’t like to pay more than 100 euros, give or take. Would you please advise with specific solar panel titles or names? I would be most grateful for any advice.

    Tech details:

    USB-C input 5v – 3A
    USB-A output 5v – 2.4A
    USB-C output 5v – 3A
    Output total 5v – 3A (max)
    Battery type 3.7V / Li-Po
    Min.capacity 10000 mAh / 37 Wh
    Typ. capacity 10250 mAh / 37.93Wh
    max power output of power pack 3000 mA

    Many thanks in advance, I look forward to your reply.

    Mr. H Donoghue (Bonn)

    • Hi,
      Since the input is rated at 15W via USB C, I would get a reliable panel like this by Nekteck (click to view on Amazon DE). It should be able to charge the power bank enough to where you can charge at least a smartphone every day as long as it’s sunny. Remember that you can also plug your USB devices directly into the solar panel, which will be the more efficient way to charge your devices.

  23. Hi Jesse.

    I’m so sorry, I only just saw your reply, Thank you so much for the information . You have been most helpful.

    Mr H Donoghue (Bonn)

  24. Hi, Again Jesse.

    I have taken your advice and have purchased the Nekteek Panel from Amazon. Again, many thanks for the information, especialy about direct charging from the Solar Panel.
    Very grateful indeed.

    Mr. H Donoghue (Bonn)

  25. CTECHi ST 2000 with LI-ON PO batteries. 2074Wh High Capacity | 2000W Output Power | 17 Output Ports

    Please and thank you

  26. Hi, I have a bluetti ac50. It has a plug that will connect to the 100 Watt Thunderbolt bank of solar panels that I have. The panels (4 25 Watts each) are in sun and each has a little blue light at the top that is lit, indicating that they are getting power. But when I connect them to the same port that my AC wall charger connects to on the Bluetti, I get nothing. The Thunderbolt also has its own charge controller that I can connect the panels to. When i do that, it doesn’t even light up the 12v light bulb that can attach to that charge controller panel. The Thunderbolt instructions say that I need to connect that controller to a 12 v battery first thing. But since my goal is to recharge my Bluetti, that shouldn’t be neccessary, right? Any thoughts of where the problem might be?’

    Thanks much


        Hi, I have a bluetti ac50. It has a plug that will connect to the 100 Watt Thunderbolt bank of solar panels that I have. The panels (4 25 Watts each) are in sun and each has a little blue light at the top that is lit, indicating that they are getting power. But when I connect them to the same port that my AC wall charger connects to on the Bluetti, I get nothing. The Thunderbolt also has its own charge controller that I can connect the panels to. When i do that, it doesn’t even light up the 12v light bulb that can attach to that charge controller panel. The Thunderbolt instructions say that I need to connect that controller to a 12 v battery first thing. But since my goal is to recharge my Bluetti, that shouldn’t be neccessary, right? Any thoughts of where the problem might be?’

        Thanks much

  27. Hey sir I have a lion energy safari lt power station. It has an Anderson solar option on the face of the generator. I’m looking at the thunderbolt 100w solar panel at harbor freight. It has a SAE connector. Do I just have to get a SAE to Anderson adaptor and it will work? Starting my solar journey in overlanding. Thank you!

    • Hi,
      It depends on the charge controller in the power station. The 100W 12V panel probably has a VOC rating around 18-22V, and you should be able to find the input rating/PV charge parameters in the power station manual.

      If you can link to the exact power station you have I can look it up for you, I found a couple of different ones when I searched for Lion Energy Safari.

  28. I have a set of two 100w thunderbolt solar power panel briefcases from Harbor Freight, and want to connect them to my EBL Portable Power Station Voyager 1000, 110V/1000W Solar Generator, 999Wh/270000mAh High Lithium Battery. Do I need a charge controller or special adapter of some kind to connect them? The salesperson seemed to think I could just use the SAE connector cable that came included with the solar panels. And can I connect two solar panels at once?

    • Hi,
      I can’t tell exactly what the input is on the power station, but this adapter by SolarEnz (click to view on Amazon) should work to connect both panels. I can’t promise anything though. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll find a different way.

      Also, if I am looking at the right power station it has an input rated for up to 8A. Two 100W 12V panels will generate around 11-12A at best, which means some electricity will be wasted. It will be fine, but be aware that adding a second panel will not double the input.

      If one panel generates 6A, the second panel will only add 2A. If you’re often camping in cloudy weather it’s definitely worth having two panels though.

  29. Hi, I’m hoping you can help me with advice on what is the correct panel to buy to charge my power station. It doesn’t have a brand name (bought from Ebay) but the specs are : Input DC15V/3A Solar Charging Interface DC5521 Solar Input Voltage Range 13V~23V Solar Charging Maximum Input 2.6A Capacity 302Wh, 27.2Ah/11.1V (EQ to 81600mAh/3.7V) I’ve bought multiple panels, but the ones I thought MIGHT work have these specs Manufacturer Part Number:byP2989846 Wattage:80-99 W Current Output 100 A or Greater Power:101-150 W I’m confused about what to buy to charge the power station, as it says the max amp is 2.6A, but everything I’ve found so far is much higher and I have no idea which is the correct one I should be looking for.
    Thank you for helping 🙂

  30. July 06, 2022. Hi, Im Sandra, I have a portable Oupes 1800 power station and I wanted to know is the Lion Energy portable 100watt 12v solar panel compatable to the Oupes Power Station. ? THANKS

  31. Hi Jesse, I’m thinking of purchasing the Oupes 1800 power station but wanted to save on solar panels. Can you tell me if the 100 w harbor freight panels will work safely connected to the Oupes station? Thank you very much

  32. Hi I have an unbranded solar generator (made in China)
    It says I need a DC 13V-23V/2.6A max .
    So what size solar blanket would this be pls?

  33. I have a Steelite AZGU1200 Power Station. There is a DC input (with a AC converter and power cord to charge it up from regular power) and 2 Anderson inputs.
    From the manual — Charging by Anderson port 1 (18V-30V, 10 A max /250Wmax)
    —–Charging by Anderson port 2 (25V, 20 Amax/ 500W max) There is also an Anderson 2Port Cautions
    !. You should use the original charge or the charger with the same parameters (the voltage range is 25+_0.2V and the current range is 5A-20A) and correctly connect it to the positive and negative poles of this port.
    2. This port is a fast charging port, when the device is charged to 90% via it, the charging will stop to protect the device.
    3. If the parameters of the charger do not match, the display of this device will light up while the charging will not start.
    Can you suggest an appropriate solar panel(s)? I need compact and light weight. Also can you suggest an appropriate charger. Thank you

    • Hi,
      Looks like you should only use the Anderson port on the front of the power station when using solar panels, do not use the one on the side.

      A panel like the Allpowers 200W (click to view on Amazon) should work since it comes with an MC4 to Anderson adapter. There is also the Allpowers 100W version.

      Anderson connectors can be configured in different ways and you might have to change the orientation of the connectors (which is easy to do, if possible). But it might fit the input right out of the box.

  34. Looking for panels for my Oukitel 2000 watt with LiFePO4 battery. Wondering about the Dfito 200 watt kit but using just the panels not the controller?

    • Hi,
      I couldn’t find much information about that panel. If it’s the one for $59.99 at Walmart I wouldn’t buy it, it’s not a 200W panel, just false advertising.

      Did the power station include an MC4 to Anderson adapter? If yes, you can buy pretty much any solar panel with MC4 connectors. If you want some examples let me know if you’d rather have portable and flexible panels or the more rigid and heavy types.

  35. I purchased a Qukitel 614 watt power station. I tried to connect it to a Harbor Freight 100 watt Thunderbolt solar panel with no success. I returned the solar panel today. The power station does not have a separate D.C. input port that I can tell so I tried to charge it through the port that I plug it into to charge it with the A.C. Charger. I’ve tried different connectors and adaptors. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? The power station charges with everything else except with a solar panel.

  36. What about compatible solar panels for the Oupes 1200 (a stated 30V, 200 watt limit)?
    Also, could I use solar panels with more than 200 watts so long as they are less than 30 V?

    • Hi,
      You have a lot of options, you can go either for a foldable panel that comes with an 8mm adapter or a panel with MC4 connectors and use an MC4 to 8mm adapter (click to view on Amazon).

      Here are some of the panels that don’t require an extra adapter (the included 8mm connectors should work): Rockpals 100W, Allpowers 200W

      Here are some that do require the MC4 to 8mm adapter: Renogy 100W Portable W/kickstand, EcoFlow 110W, Bluetti PV200W, Renogy 200W

      Let me know if you’re considering a specific type of panel or setup and I can help you further.

      • Jesse: Thanks so much for your prompt response. A couple more questions:

        1. Can I use a solar panel that generates more than 200 watts (even though the Oupes 1200 says 200 watts max input) so long as I don’t exceed the 30 volt max? I say this because the 200 watt solar panels only seem to generate 160 to 180 watts.
        2. Is there any particular downside (other than increased cost) of using a panel that needs an MC4 to 8mm adapter?
        3. What would be your favorite choice among the ones you mentioned?

        Thanks again for your help!!


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