This Is the Most Insane Solar Generator I Have Ever Seen

How Does A 7.6 kWh Solar Generator With A 3800 Watt Inverter Sound?

The more popular solar generators become, the better and more options will show up for us customers. Today I want to share one of the most insane solar generators I have seen.

There is no doubt that solar generators/power stations are becoming more and more popular. I believe the main buyer is the traveler that needs portable power when outdoors doing activities like camping, or working outdoors.

But solar generators with the all-in-one kind of functionalities are not great only for travelers and campers, they can also serve a purpose in a home in case of power outages, or for the more serious day that preppers: the day our society collapses and we all need to take care of ourselves on a higher level.

Meet The SimpliPhi Express

SimpliPhi is not a new company in any way, it was founded in 2002 with an idea that is still near and dear to the company’s heart.

The Express 48V is one of their “portable” power stations.

SimpliPhi Express 48V

SimpliPhi ExprESS Fuel-Free, Non-Polluting, Mobile Generator Alternative for Indoor/Outdoor Use

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The SimpliPhi Express 48 Features

At 411.5 lbs, it’s not as portable as some of the more RV travel-friendly power stations, but it has wheels so that’s great, right?

It’s rated at 7.6 kWh battery capacity and has a max combined charge and discharge rate of 3.84 kW. Pretty impressive.

The batteries are two Phi 3.8 kWh. With that much power, you can run a lot of devices for hours or days. SimpliPhi has a great run time chart on the bottom of this page in the specifications tab, to give you an understanding of what those two batteries are capable of.

The 48V model has a Morningstar PT-100 MPPT solar charge controller, capable of charging up to 75 A DC, and with a PV array operating voltage of 72 to 187V DC.

SimpliPhi ExprESS Fuel-Free, Non-Polluting, Mobile Generator Alternative for Indoor/Outdoor Use


SimpliPhi advertises a 98% round trip efficiency, which is much better than you will see in most solar generators.

With a 10 year warranty life, you can tell that SimpliPhi not only believes in their product but will back it all the way (at least until 10 years has passed).

The Express 48 also functions as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). So if the power in your home would shut off, the Express will take over and continue powering your devices.

Since the Express is also capable of charging and discharging at the same time, paired with solar panels or wind power it could power your cabin all year long.

So what about inputs and outputs?

It has a DC input for solar and wind that goes to the Morningstar MPPT charge controller.

The inverter/charger powers four 115V AC outlets. Each capable of outputting 1725 watts.

Magnum Energy makes the inverter used, No products found..

SimpliPhi ExprESS Fuel-Free, Non-Polluting, Mobile Generator Alternative for Indoor/Outdoor Use

In addition to the AC outlets, SimpliPhi has put two USB outlets on the Express so you can charge smaller devices with ease.

Can I Use It In An RV?

Well, sure you can! But let’s be realistic, a 411 pound power station isn’t the best solution for travelers. For homeowners, it can be a more useful product to have in case of emergencies.

Preppers should also love this since it’s built with very high-quality parts that will last longer than low-quality parts, usually found in most solar generators on the market today.

It would’ve been awesome if they had a model with a 30A or 50A plug for RVers, but it’s pretty obvious that this is not targeted to travelers. The wheels are there to make it easier to move around a home.

For more information about the SimpliPhi Express 48V, check out its product page.

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