Can You Replace The Battery In A Jackery Explorer Power Station?

Does Jackery Sell A Replacement Battery For Its Jackery Explorer Power Stations?

Jackery does not sell replacement batteries for its power stations.

If you are having a problem with a battery not being able to hold a charge, you need to check if you still have an active warranty on the product.

How long is Jackery’s warranty?

Jackery offers a 24 month warranty. The date that matters is the date on the receipt when you purchased the product.

What can I do to extend the life of the battery in my Jackery Explorer power station?

To get the most lifecycles out of the battery, try to not discharge it below 20%.

You’re not going to permanently damage the battery if you go below 20% once, but over time it will decrease the total capacity.

If possible, try to keep the battery between 20-80% at all times and only charge it to 100% once a month if used daily.

Don’t feel so limited that you don’t use the battery to its full capacity if you need to, it’s not worth worrying that much.

When you’re not going to be using the battery for months, you can leave it off the charger, but you need to plug it in every six months to not lose the warranty, according to Jackery.

You should also never try to charge the battery in freezing temperatures.

Is it impossible to change the battery in a Jackery myself?

It is not impossible, but not recommended since it requires a lot of knowledge and skill. I can not guide you to how it’s done because I haven’t done it myself.

Do any power station brands offer replacement batteries?

It’s uncommon.

You can replace the batteries in the old Goal Zero Yeti power stations that don’t use lithium batteries, and I have written an article about that here.

What’s more common is that companies sell external batteries that connect to the power station.

Can I connect an external battery instead of replacing the built-in one?

If you have an Explorer 1000 or 2000 Plus, you can add extra battery packs. The 1000 Plus supports up to three, while the 2000 Plus supports up to five.

Here is the battery pack for the 1000 Plus, and here is the one for the 2000 Plus.

If I use a Jackery SolarSaga panel, can I power my devices directly off of the panel instead of the Explorer?

If the solar panel is connected to the power station, it will charge the built-in battery which will then provide electricity to the output ports.

The panel can not directly power devices plugged into the power station.

You can, however, plug USB devices directly into the solar panel and charge devices directly from the electricity produced by the solar panel.

Do Jackery solar panels have a built-in battery?

No, to charge devices with the help of the solar panels you need to either plug your devices into the solar panel while the panel is in sunshine, or connect it to a battery like the Jackery Explorer power stations to store the electricity for later use.

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  1. If you can’t replace the internal batteries of all in one units, then would an inverter with built in charger & a separate battery be better? I know it will be less portable, but easier to add more capacity over time.
    Is this a cheaper approach?

    • Hi,
      Yes, it’s a cheaper approach.
      You could build a better power station for the same money if you do it yourself, especially compared to Jackery power stations.

  2. Jackery does not recommend leaving the unit plugged in when not in use as it decreases the lifespan of the battery. I have little faith in the author and all content of this article

    • Hi,
      Ok, seems like Jackery has changed their wording about this a bit. I will update the article. Not sure why you would dismiss the rest of the article, but you do you!


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