Which Is The Best Extension Cable For Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels?

Can You Extend The Cable From The Jackery Solar Panels?

Jackery is a very popular portable power station/solar generator and solar panel brand.

Its products can be found all over the world, mostly out in the wild where travelers and campers need portable power.

The solar panels Jackery make come in several different sizes, 60W, 100W, and 200W.

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Jackery uses the 8mm connector on its panels, so it should be pretty easy to extend the cable, right?

Well, technically yes but there are some things you should know before you buy an extension cable for your panel.

The 8mm Extension Cable I Recommend

There are more than one company that makes 8mm extension cables, they are not all the same though, which is the tricky part.

Some of them, like the 8mm extension cables from Goal Zero (click to view on Amazon) have a plastic shroud that is a bit longer than the rest, which makes it hard to connect a Jackery panel.

You can remove part of the shroud to make the cable fit, but then you’ll void your warranty.

Instead, I recommend the Electop 8mm extension cable (click to view on Amazon).

Electop DC 8mm Extension Cable 20Ft, DC 8mm Cord 14AWG DC 8mm Female to Male Adapter Connector Cable 8mm DC Power Plug for GZ Yeti Jackery Solar Generator Portable Power Station and Solar Panel

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The Electop cable I received fits perfect with the SolarSaga panels and I don’t have to worry about the plug disconnecting or water getting into it.

Note that if you have a Jackery Explorer 1500 or 2000, you must use an adapter like this by SolarEnz (click to view on Amazon) to connect your SolarSaga panel to the Jackery.

Can I connect two or three extension cables together?

You can, but you should be aware that the more connections and the longer the cable, the higher the voltage loss.

The voltage loss will decrease the output significantly, and with two or three cables a lot of electricity will be lost.

If you have several panels so you can max out the input this might not matter much, but if you have a SolarSaga 60W with two extension cables, you’ll see a big difference in the input watts on the Jackery screen.

Does this 8mm extension cable work with Goal Zero and Anker?

Yes, it works with Goal Zero and Anker solar panels/power stations as well. A Goal Zero 8mm connector might not fit as snug, but should still be able to make the connection.

The Anker panels use the same 8mm connector.

Does it work with my specific Jackery Explorer model?

The inputs on the Explorer 160, 240, 300, 500, and 1000 are all the same.

It’s only the newer 1500 and 2000 that use a slightly different 8mm input, which is why you need the SolarEnz 7909 to 8020 (click to view on Amazon) adapter if you have either of them.

Can I connect two SolarSaga panels together?

Yes, to do that you’ll need an 8mm combiner like this one by SolarEnz (click to view on Amazon).

SolarEnz DC8mm Y Branch Parallel Adapter 8mm Female and Male Combiner Cable for Solar Panel RV Portable Power Station Solar Generator Compatible with Explorer Series 160 240 300 500

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Simply connect the two panels to this adapter, then connect it to either an extension cable or directly to the input on your power station.

Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

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