Can You Charge A Goal Zero Yeti/Sherpa In An RV/Car/Van?

How You Can Charge A Goal Zero Yeti Or Sherpa While Driving A Car, RV, or Van

Today I would like to talk about three ways to charge a Goal Zero Yeti or a Sherpa in an RV, car, or van. These three ways are all relatively simple.

If you have questions about any of these ways, please leave a comment down below.

Goal Zero would be the best people to call if you’re going to do anything more advanced, but I might help somewhat.

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Now, let’s look at how to charge your Yeti or Sherpa in your vehicle while going down the road.

1. The Goal Zero Car Charger

Goal Zero finally released a car charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter plug in your vehicle. It has two options, 5A or 10A, so you can charge your Yeti by either 60W or 120W.

It’s an easy way to charge your Yeti or Sherpa on the go. It supports the Yeti 150, 400, 400 lithium, 1000, 1250, 1400, and 3000. It also supports the Sherpa 50, 100, and 100AC.

Note that the Goal Zero car charger is a “smart charger” that needs to see a certain voltage before it charges.

This is to stop it from depleting your vehicle battery when your vehicle is off. This means that the charger will probably not run off of 12V plugs in campers found in some fifth wheel and travel trailer models.

2. 12V Car Inverter

If you have a car inverter like the BESTEK 500W Power Inverter you could charge your Yeti or Sherpa with the included AC wall charger in your vehicle.

You just need to make sure the cigarette port in your vehicle can output the amperage required by the wall charger so you don’t blow a fuse.

Another option is to purchase an additional Goal Zero 5A wall charger since the Bestek inverter has two outlets, this would double the charging speed.

3. Solar Panels

Another way to charge your Yeti or Sherpa on the road is with solar panels. You can mount solar panels to your RV, van, or car roof and leave them plugged into your Yeti all the time.

If you don’t want to use Goal Zero’s panels, you can use third-party panels from companies like Renogy, HQST, and Newpowa. I have written a separate post on how you can connect third-party panels to the Yeti and what adapters you need.

There are also a lot of compatible portable and foldable panels. These aren’t meant to be permanently installed on the roof of a vehicle, but to be put up and brought down as needed.

A portable panel like the Rockpals 100W is the lightweight panel that would work great on a car or van roof. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and easy to clean.

How do you charge your Yeti or Sherpa on the road? Let me know in the comments, where you can also leave questions.

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  1. I charge my yeti 400 using the goal zero cable that plugs into my car 12V. I also have a Boulder solar panel to charge it. My problem is that the yeti 400 only has one input so I have to switch the plugs around to charge off of either the car or solar. How do I combine these so that I can charge off the car and solar at the same time?


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