Best Solar Panels Compatible With Kyng Power Solar Generator

Charge Your Kyng Power Solar Generator With A Solar Panel

Kyng Power is a company that makes both solar panels and solar generators/power stations. Two of these solar generators are the No products found. and the 1000W models.

They’re both great options to take camping outdoors. Being able to charge your devices far away from home out in the middle of nowhere is a pretty neat feeling.

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I travel fulltime in my travel trailer and have a solar generator that I plug my camper into. To make it even better, I have 400W of solar panels that I recharge my battery with, so I have endless power as long as it’s sunny.

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Today I would like to help you find a compatible solar panel for your Kyng Power solar generator. Fortunately, the two models I mentioned above include the adapter we need to use third-party solar panels.

Note, if you’re looking at a Kyng Power solar generator that isn’t one of the two I linked above and doesn’t come with an MC4 to DC adapter, I recommend the Rockpals 100W foldable solar panel (click to view on Amazon).

Solar Panel Recommendations

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How To Connect A Solar Panel To A Kyng Power Solar Generator

The No products found. and the 1000W come with an MC4 to DC adapter, so if the solar panel has MC4 connectors, it’s easy to connect, you just have to connect the positive MC4 cable from the solar panel to the positive MC4 connector on the adapter.

To connect it correctly, you’ll need a solar panel with a positive male connector and a negative female connector. Each of the solar panels that I recommend above with MC4 connectors is wired this way, and directly compatible.

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If the solar panel you chose doesn’t have MC4 connectors, but DC, then you’ll use the adapter included with the Kyng Power battery that turns DC into the Kyng Power input port.

You can also buy the No products found. in case your Kyng Power battery didn’t include one.

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No products found.

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What Limits Do The Kyng Power Solar Generators Have?

I’ve tried to find any information about max wattage and voltage inputs with both the 500W and 1000W models, but the information isn’t clear. On the Kyng Power website, it tells us to use a solar panel 20 to 120 watts, but in the manual, it says 250 watts.

There is no information about a maximum voltage, or VOC, that most manufacturers advertise because they don’t want people to use solar panels that will destroy the charge controller. I have my suspicions that it’s a PWM charge controller with a 30V maximum voltage, but as I said, there is no information.

To be safe, I don’t recommend any solar panel with a VOC higher than 23V.

What To Think About When Choosing A Solar Panel For A Kyng Power Solar Generator

Since we don’t know the input limits, the main thing you need to know is that you shouldn’t buy a solar panel with a built-in charge controller, since the Kyng power stations have solar charge controllers built-in already. You don’t want to go through two charge controllers.

How Long Will It Take To Charge With A Solar Panel?

It depends on which solar generator you have and the size of the solar panel.

The No products found. has 288 watt-hour battery capacity, and the 1000W has 540 watt-hour battery capacity.

We can use these numbers to calculate how long it would take depending on the solar panel size.

500W – If you have a 100W solar panel, which usually generates about 60 watts, it would take about 5 hours (288Wh/60W=4.8 hours) to charge the 500W model. A 50W solar panel would take almost 10 hours.

1000W – A 100W solar panel would recharge the 1000W in about 9 hours (540Wh/60W=9 hours). A 50W panel would take 18 hours.

How Can I Improve The Charging Efficiency When Charging With Solar Panels?

The first thing you should do is make sure the solar panel is angled directly towards the sun. In the morning and evening when the sun is low on the horizon, it will make a big difference if you tilt the panel. This is true during the winter months as well.

If the solar panel doesn’t have a stand, you can lean it on something.

Another thing that will help with some solar panels is to make sure it’s not shaded even a little bit. Some panels don’t like a shadow more than others, so to be safe, make sure the sun is covering the whole panel.

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